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Frequently asked questions

How much is it cost?

All broadcasts, represented on our site, are absolutely free! You pay only to your internet provider for the traffic you spend on broadcasting. If your tariff plan is unlimited, then broadcasting won`t cost a penny for you

How to watch TV channels?

To watch the broadcast enter the section you like and press the name or logo of the channel you want to watch.

What connection speed is needed to watch the broadcasting?

Every channel has its own broadcast speed (Kbit/sec). you can find it out on the channel selection page or on the channel selection panel(hover over the channel name). For quality watching the speed of connection must be higher on 10-20% then the speed of broadcasting. For majority of channels the speed of 512 kbit/sec is enough.

While opening the broadcast page the inscription loading. appears, but video doesnt appear. What is the matter?

Such situation can be observed when the broadcast source is overloaded. For example, if the source doesnt have a limit for the number of clients, connected at the same time, the problem may be in insufficient speed of internet channel. Try to reload the page or try again later.

How to watch the broadcasting full screen?

Windows Media Player: during the broadcasting clich twice on the player by left mouse button or click on the player by right mouse button and choose: increase=> full screen

Flash player: there is a special maximized button (if the button is absent, then fullscreen watch is not avalaible

Why video is vertically compressed during the broadcasting?

The thing is that some versions of Windows Media Player (in particular 11.0) work incorrect in all browsers, except Internet Explorer. To solve this problem update your Media Player (you can download it here) or use Internet Explorer while working with our site. Besides, you can use fullscreen broadcasting

What kind of soft do I need for watching online tv?

As a rule, if you watch video of different types regularly, you dont need any additional soft, but if you have troubles with watching because of absence of codecs or plug-ins, then use given ref:

Real Player is needed for watching TV channels marked Real Player

Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 for watching the majority of TV channels you need player Windows Media Player. If you have installed it before, but broadcasts didnt start up, try to update the player.

Flash player - is needed for watching TV channels marked FlashPlayer

Codecs to watch broadcasts on our site you need preinstalled codecs. You may install any codecs you like, but we recommend you K-Lite Codec Pack.