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TV channels from the category: "Shopping"

Juwelo Germany, Shopping 512 kbps
Sonnenklar TV Germany, Shopping 200 kbps
Téléachat m6 boutique France, Lifestyle, Shopping 774 kbps
QVC United Kingdom, Shopping 120 kbps
Ideal World United Kingdom, Shopping 210 kbps
HSN United States, Shopping 748 kbps
Shopping Live Russia, Shopping 1000 kbps
TVSN Australia, Shopping 300 kbps
Pearl TV Germany, Lifestyle, Shopping 660 kbps
Shenyang TV 5 China, Shopping 103 kbps
SHOP CHANNEL Japan, Shopping 502 kbps
Shopptime Shopping 104 kbps
SHOPTV Canada Canada, Shopping 218 kbps
Hmall Shop TV South Korea, Shopping 500 kbps
The Shopping Channel Canada, Shopping 331 kbps